Frequently Asked Questions

What is bondhon?

bondhon is a matrimonial site with over million members globally.

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    How bondhon works?

    Our customer relation team is committed to ensure that every profile put up on is screened to ensure you continue to have a smooth partner search experience. Once you search our database we help you find your life partner.
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    Security is our top priority

    We use the same SSL encryption used by major banks worldwide. Furthermore, we store little personal data and we don't share any of your data with any third party vendor without your consent.
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    Free Account

    If you haven’t signed up for your forever free bondhon account, claim your free account today.
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    Search Technology

    Our filter, and blocking systems strive to build technology that will only bring you matches that are relevant to you.
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    I got a new phone. Did I lose my searches?

    All bondhon acitivity is tied to your email address. As long as you are logged into your app with the same email address and password used with your old phone, the app on your new phone will have all of your saved searches.